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Super Mario Fusion.

2010-06-27 01:27:29 by CrabPeterson

Not that anybody really cares at the moment since I haven't done much dandy work, I've been spending the last few weeks working on a Super Mario Brothers Z style flash movie. I'm calling it Dragon Ball Z Fusion. A little background on it, the story is set in a universe where Mario's different games are a different dimension. The movie stars Mario from Super Mario World, as the returns to his home to find a letter from Bowser who has re kidnapped the princess. The plot quickly develops to have Mario chase him through Pipe world. As he comes across a blocked off area he hops into a hidden pipe. It transports him into the world of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time. The games that each dimension is from changes a bit from the real game, to make for more interesting stories. I'm claiming now that the movie is similar to SMBZ, as it has a big influence for my reason behind making it.


2010-06-23 16:05:51 by CrabPeterson

I made this post to make the sad face go away when I'm looking at my own profile for whatever reason!